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Mercy Street in Virginia

The Civil War battles that raged all over Virginia called for triage and hasty medical procedures to be performed in nearby homes, taverns, and other buildings that became makeshift hospitals. The acclaimed PBS series Mercy Street dramatizes one such hospital in Alexandria, but other Civil War hospitals still stand in Virginia in addition to Civil War medical museums and the actual Mercy Street filming locations.

Historic Civil War Hospitals

The Exchange Hotel Civil War Museum

sir christopher wren building

The Exchange Hotel in Gordonsville served as a receiving hospital for over 70,000 wounded Confederate and Union soldiers from the battles that raged over Northern Virginia. The museum features a Civil War-era field hospital and operating room as well as self-guided tours and special events.

Chatham Manor

chatham manor

Chatham Manor served as a Union field hospital during the Civil War and was visited by President Abraham Lincoln. The poet Walt Whitman also visited Chatham and wrote letters home for the wounded soldiers. 'Angel of the Battlefield' Clara Barton - the founder of the American Red Cross - tended Union soldiers here as well.

Civil War Medical Museums and Exhibits

Chimborazo Medical Museum

chimborazo visitor center entrance

Part of Richmond National Battlefield Park, the Chimborazo Medical Museum interprets Chimborazo, one of the largest hospitals of the Civil War. The museum is located in the scenic and historic Church Hill section of Richmond.

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

nationl museum of the civil war soldier

The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier at Pamplin Historical Park documents soldiers' experiences in the Civil War including medical treatments, procedures and artifacts. This museum is accessible to mobility devices.

Historic Battlefields

Chantilly Ox Hill Battlefield

berkeley plantation

In Season 2 of Mercy Street Emma and Hopkins go on a mission to rescue soldiers wounded at the Battle of Chantilly. You can visit the actual location of the battle in Fairfax, Virginia at Chantilly Ox Hill Battlefield Park.

Mercy Street Filming Locations

Berkeley Plantation

berkeley plantation

Twice visited by President Abraham Lincoln, Berkeley Plantation was occupied by the Union Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. The Army bugle call Taps was played at Berkeley for the first time during Union occupation.

Centre Hill Mansion

centre hill mansion

The ca. 1823 Centre Hill Mansion served as a Union headquarters during the Civil War and was visited by President and Mrs. Lincoln. The mansion's opulent parlors serve as the Green family home, and its secret underground tunnel serve as a prison in the PBS series Mercy Street.

Old Town Petersburg

Founded in 1748, Petersburg became a manufacturing and transportation hub during the 19th century. Old Town Petersburg features over 250 fine original examples of residential and commercial architecture in an eclectic mix of all of the period styles popular during the 19th century. The historic Old Town buildings can be seen in many outdoor Mercy Street scenes.

Tuckahoe Plantation

tuckahoe plantation

Built between 1733 and 1740 by the Randolph family, Tuckahoe Plantation was the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson. The one-room schoolhouse in which Jefferson received his early education remains standing beside the manor home.