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George Washington's Fredericksburg

George Washington's boyhood home was located at Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg. He lived there with his mother, Mary Ball Washington, for whom he later purchased a home on Caroline Street. Mary Washington's doctor, Hugh Mercer, practiced medicine in Fredericksburg before becoming a Brigadier General in the Revolutionary War and valiantly giving his life at the Battle of Princeton. Washington's sister Betty and her husband, Washington's friend Fielding Lewis, built a plantation in Fredericksburg now known as Kenmore.

Ferry Farm

george washingtons ferry farm close

George Washington's boyhood home, Ferry Farm, was the place where the future first President of the United States may or may not have chopped down a cherry tree and may or may not have tossed a silver dollar all the way across the river. Yet, it is the place where he learned to be an honorable leader among the aristocracy of Virginia and later, the United States of America.

Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop

fredericksburg hugh mercer apothecary

Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop preserves and interprets the life of Hugh Mercer, a Scottish immigrant who practiced medicine in Fredericksburg and was a friend of George Washington's as well as a Revolutionary War hero who gave his life at the Battle of Princeton.

Kenmore Plantation

kenmore plantation rear entrance

Historic Kenmore Plantation was the home of George Washington's sister Betty and her husband, Washington's friend, Fielding Lewis. During the Revolutionary War, Lewis used his personal wealth to manufacture guns for the Revolutionary Army, and he used his own ships to transport food, supplies, and gun powder for the war effort.

Mary Washington House

mary washington house

Home of the Mother of the Father of our country, Mary Washington House hosted a Who's Who's of patriots and revolutionaries including George Washington, his brother-in-law Fielding Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason and the Marquis de Lafayette.

Rising Sun Tavern

rising sun tavern

Built by George Washington's younger brother, Rising Sun Tavern was a meeting place for a Who's Who of patriots and revolutionaries. Costumed interpreters take visitors through a fun and fascinating tour of tavern life in colonial America.