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AMCs TURN in Virginia

Y'all gotta love AMC TV for filming its outstanding series TURN throughout Virginia in the historic homes and properties actually occupied by the early settlers, patriots, presidents and founding fathers and mothers of our nation. Here are some of the Virginia Filming Locations you'll see in the show. All of these properties are open to the public and well worth a visit. And, you're in luck! The Tasting Rooms on the Colonial Virginia Wine Trail are close to the TURN filming locations and feature some of the best wines made in Virginia.

As home of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Patrick Henry and the location of the final battle of the Revolutionary War, Virginia is rich in Revolutionary War history. Here are some Revolutionary Sites that are also well worth visiting. To make sure you don't miss all of this history and wine tasting, try the Suggested Tours.

Filming Locations

College of William and Mary

sir christopher wren building

Chartered in 1693 by King William III and Queen Mary II of England and the alma mater of Agent 711 himself - Gen. George Washington, The College of William and Mary with its original, distinctive Georgian architecture, serves as 'Philadelphia' in Season 2 of AMCs TURN.

Colonial Williamsburg

colonial williamsburg governors palace

Adjacent to the College of William and Mary, Colonial Williamsburg features a restored and recreated 'Revolutionary City' that offers programs, events, tours and demonstrations as well as shopping and dining in a colonial-era setting. Colonial Williamsburg serves as 'Philadelphia' in Season 2 of AMCs TURN.

Old Town Petersburg

Founded in 1748, Petersburg became a manufacturing and transportation hub during the 19th century. Old Town Petersburg features over 250 fine original examples of residential and commercial architecture in an eclectic mix of all of the period styles popular during the 19th century. TURN fans will spot Old Town Petersburg with its distinctive architecture serving as 'New York City.'

Patrick Henry's Scotchtown

patrick henrys scotchtown

Built in 1719, Scotchtown was the marital home of Revolutionary War patriot and orator Patrick Henry and his wife Sarah Shelton. Henry was living at Scotchtown when he delivered his famous 'Give me liberty or give me death!' speech on the steps of St. John's Church in Richmond. Scotchtown serves as George Washington's 'Morristown, New Jersey' headquarters in TURN.

Shirley Plantation

shirley plantation

Founded in 1613, Shirley was acquired by the Hill family in 1638. In 1700 the Hill family joined the Carter family by marriage, and since then 11 generations of the Hill-Carter family have continuously lived in and worked the plantation. Shirley serves as Setauket's 'Strong Manor' in TURN, and Anna hangs her black petticoat on the line behind the house facing the James River.

Tuckahoe Plantation

tuckahoe plantation

Built between 1733 and 1740 by the Randolph family, Tuckahoe Plantation was the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson. The one-room schoolhouse in which Jefferson received his early education remains standing beside the manor home. You'll recognize Tuckahoe serving as the 'Setauket' home of Judge Richard Woodhull in TURN.

Berkeley Plantation

berkeley plantation

Settled in 1619, Berkeley was the site of the first Thanksgiving in America and the home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a United States President. Berkeley was occupied by the Union during the Civil War and fell into disrepair in the years after the war. In 1907, it was purchased and restored by the Jamieson family. TURN fans will spot Berkeley as a location for a battle scene in Season 2.

Centre Hill Mansion

centre hill mansion

Built between 1818 and 1823 by a wealthy tobacco merchant and veteran of the Dinwiddie County Militia during the Revolutionary War, the opulent parlors of Centre Hill Mansion serve as the family home of Peggy Shippen, Benedict Arnold's wife, in Season 2 of TURN.

Kittiewan Plantation

kittiewan plantation

Patented in 1667, Kittiewan Plantation was witness to both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. TURN fans will spot Kittiewan serving as the 'New Jersey' farmhouse where a shoot out occurs between the Continental Army and the Tory Militia in Season 1.

Westover Plantation

westover plantation

One of the most impressive examples of Georgian architecture in America, Westover was built between 1730 and 1750 by William Byrd II, the founder of Richmond. Westover thrives today as a working family farm, and TURN fans will spot Westover serving as Abe Woodhull's alma mater 'Kings College' in New York City.

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Tasting Rooms

Ingleside Plantation Winery

One of the oldest wineries in Virginia, Ingleside Plantation Winery is located quite close to George Washington Birthplace National Monument on Virginia's Northern Neck. All of the the winery's grapes are grown onsite at this spacious property that includes indoor and outdoor patio seating, a restaurant and gift shop.

James River Cellars Winery

James River Cellars Winery is a congenial and relaxing oasis amidst an urban setting near downtown Richmond. The winery offers seasonal and holiday celebrations, lots of outdoor lawn and patio seating and a Tuscan-style banquet room overlooking the property.

Jefferson Vineyards

It seems Jefferson Vineyards has a Revolutionary War history of its own - the first vineyard in Virginia was planted here in 1774 by Thomas Jefferson and his friend and neighbor turned spy and gun runner for the patriot army, Philip Mazzei.

Keswick Vineyards

It seems Keswick Vineyards has a Revolutionary War history of its own too - British troops camped here during their pursuit of Jefferson and the Virginia Assembly as they fled from Richmond.

New Kent Winery

New Kent Winery is located in a park-like setting with lots of outdoor seating and 'Small Plate Selections' of hummus, meats, and cheeses to accompany tastings with family and friends.

Saude Creek Vineyards

A great place to gather with friends and family for beautiful views and spacious outdoor decks that feature cozy fire pits in chilly weather. Saude Creek Vineyards offers live music, events and barbecue on weekends.

Williamsburg Winery

It seems Virginia's largest winery - Williamsburg Winery - has a Revolutionary War history of its own - French troops marched through the area on their way to rendevous with Lafayette at Yorktown.

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