If Barboursville Vineyards expresses an Old World elegance and sophistication in its wine-making, then its fellow Virginia Governor's Cup winner and newcomer, Reynard Florence Vineyard, expresses a New World elegance and sophistication. Located about 8 miles south of Orange, the intimate tasting room greets visitors with a wall hanging of Dora Maar, the soft sounds of Bebop and Birth of the Cool Jazz, as well as a little four-legged scene stealer by the name of Ti-Rey (short for Petit Reynard).

Reynard Florence's signature wine - Petit Manseng - is new to Virginia. The grapes originate in southwest France, yet the topography of that region is similar to that of Orange County. Both regions have mountains (the Pyrenees and the Blue Ridge) surrounded by piedmont, and the loose grape clusters resist the humidity that is common in Virginia. The result is a multiple-award-winning mouthful of balanced sweetness and refreshing acidity.

In addition to the Petit Manseng, Reynard Florence is currently tasting the bright, citrus Reynard Blanc blend of Petit Manseng, Traminette and Vidal - a wine that is perfect for sittin' and sippin' on the veranda - as well as a round, buttery Chardonnay. Among its intriguing reds, Reynard Florence offers an apricot and asphalt Cabernet Franc, a cherry and stone Merlot that is perfect for chilling on warm summer days, the stewed prune and gypsum Recherche, and the smoke and lavender Petit Verdot.

Pictured at the top: Located in Barboursville, Reynard Florence Vineyard features pretty views of the surrounding countryside.

reynard florence vineyard patio mountain views

A perfect patio for sittin' and sippin' and enjoying the views.

reynard florence vineyard tasting room

The tasting room features lots of outdoor seating areas.