If you like lazy dogs, a mellow vibe and homemade hooch, visit Belmont Farm Distillery located about 8 miles south of downtown Culpeper. Owner, master distiller, and celebrity moonshiner Chuck Miller distills the old-fashioned way with an original copper pot still. Built in New York City in 1933 and sold to a distiller in Charlottesville, the copper pot still remained in C-Ville for 60 years then disappeared for 20 years. Recently discovered in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Nelson County, the still was scheduled for destruction by the ABC. Luckily, Miller was able to convince the authorities to let him have the still to make his hand-crafted traditional Virginia corn whiskey.

Belmont Farm Distillery is family-owned and operated and offers tours and tastings as well as a gift shop where spirits are available for purchase. Kopper Kettle is Belmont Farms' signature whiskey based on Grandpa Theordore Miller's original recipe. Similar to a Bourbon, it is made of 51% corn and 49% wheat and barley. It is matured in Virginia apple and oak wood and aged in barrels for three to five years. It can be savored over the rocks or neat. And, Civil War Buffs, Belmont Farm has a Civil War history of its own. It seems the farm was occupied by Union troops during the Battle of nearby Cedar Mountain.

Pictured at the top: Belmont Farm Distillery's whiskey is barrel aged for three to five years.

belmont farm bootleggers truck

A 'Bootlegger's Truck' on display at Belmont Farm recalls Virginia's colorful past of bootlegging. Preserving an American tradition, Belmont Farm distills in a 2000-gallon copper pot still that dates back to the 1930's. This traditional method creates a unique flavor and aroma that modern methods can't duplicate.

belmont farms

Belmont Farm grows, harvests and grinds its own corn, wheat and barley for its traditional Virginia corn whiskey.