Built between 1733 and 1740 by the Randolph family, Tuckahoe Plantation became the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson when his parents who, as guardians of the Randolph children, moved in to take care of them after their parents' untimely passing. Named after an Algonquin Indian word for an edible bog plant and situated on a bluff overlooking the James River, the well-preserved Tuckahoe Plantation includes slave quarters, outbuildings, gardens and family cemeteries.

If you're a fan of the AMC series TURN, you'll recognize Tuckahoe serving as the home of Judge Richard Woodhull, with many scenes having been filmed in the house and on the grounds. You'll be surprised to find out that the elegant Tuckahoe was built in an 'H' shape popular in the early Georgian period with two wings connected by a central corridor. The exterior of the north wing frequently shown in TURN faces the front entrance, while the second south wing, behind it, faces the James River.

Privately owned, Tuckahoe Plantation is open for self-guided tours of the grounds, gardens and outbuildings. The gift shop and private tours of the house and grounds are available by appointment. Tuckahoe is also available for events and special occasions.

Pictured at the top: Tuckahoe Plantation carriage-side entrance.

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