Patented in 1667, Kittiewan Plantation sits on a pretty piece of land above the confluence of Kittiewan Creek and the James River. It is not known when the home was built, but its first owner, Dr. William Rickman, as head surgeon of the Continental Army of Virginia, directed Revolutionary War hospitals and is considered to be the first Surgeon General of the United States. During the Civil War, after the Union defeat at Cold Harbor, Grant built a pontoon crossing over the James at Kittiewan in his pursuit of Lee's Confederate Army toward Petersburg. Earthworks dug by the Union army remain visible today at Kittiewan.

Fans of the AMC series TURN will recognize Kittiewan serving as the 'New Jersey' farmhouse where the Continental Army has a shoot out with the Tory militia. The battle was filmed in front of the river-side entrance of Kittiewan with views of the James River in the background.

Today Kittiewan is a working farm and museum and the headquarters of the Archeological Society of Virginia. The ASV at Kittiewan conducts ongoing archeological investigations including excavation, recording and processing of artifacts.

Kittiewan features a Visitor Center, gift shop, self-guided tours of the grounds and gardens and guided tours of the home.

Pictured at the top: Kittiewan Plantation James River entrance.

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