A Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation property, Hupps Hill Civil War Park is situated on a mile-long natural fortification of knobs, ridges, sinkholes and caves. The Hupp family settled here in the 1700's, and the topography protected them from marauding bands of French and Indians. During the Civil War both sides used Hupps Hill as a camp and observation post while the underground caverns served as field hospitals.

The Hupps Hill Civil War Park Museum features guided and self-guided tours through many artifacts of antebellum life and Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley. The Hupps Hill Civil War/Karst Interpretive Walking Trail passes by well preserved earthworks including artillery trenches and lunettes. Karst topography is created by the dissolution of rock such as limestone and gypsum that forms caves and sinkholes. These topographic features are visible along the trail and are protected by safety barriers. The trail also offers panoramic views of Massanutten Mountain and Signal Knob - a key topographic feature employed by both sides during the Civil War as an observation point and base camp for signal corps. Messages were relayed along the length of Massanutten via signal flags to the telegraph office in New Market where messages were then disptached to Richmond.

hupps hill civil war park museum

The Hupps Hill Civil War Park visitor center features a film, museum galleries filled with Civil War artifacts, and a gift shop.

This 18-acre park is located about 3.5 miles south of Belle Grove Plantation and Cedar Creek Battlefield and less than 5 miles north of Fishers Hill Battlefield. Hupps Hill Civil War Park features demonstrations and reenactments, a staffed visitor center, a 45-minute film, museum, gift shop, walking trail, picnic areas and scenic views.

Hupps Hill Civil War Park is a stop on the Virginia Cave and Karst Trail that preserves and interprets these fascinating, delicate environments of the Shenandoah Valley and is located in the area of many of the famous Show Caves of the Shenandoah Valley.

Pictured at the very top: Located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Historic District, Hupps Hill Civil War Park has a staffed visitor center featuring a film, museum and gift shop as well as a walking trail and picnic areas.

hupps hill civil war park museum

The Hupps Hill Civil War Park Karst Trail descends to natural caves and sinkholes.

hupps hill civil war park museum

Hupps Hill Civil War Park has picnic areas and benches for sitting and relaxing and enjoying the views.