He was born here at Popes Creek in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732. Considered to be the 'Father of Our Country', George Washington was the first President of the United States and the only President ever to be elected unanimously - twice - to the office. His father Augustine and his mother Mary Ball Washington were descended from English immigrants and became planters of 'middling' stock - not super wealthy, but comfortable. The Washingtons lived here on Pope's Creek for four years before Augustine relocated his young family to Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg.

The Washingtons' original home and George's birthplace at Pope's Creek burned in a house fire on Christmas in 1779. By the early 1800s the farm had become tumbledown and overgrown. Washington's grandson visited the site and placed a marker at the charred ruins of the birth house. The US War Department acquired the house in 1882 and put it under management of the Army Corps of Engineers. In 1930 the property was declared a National Monument. In 1936 the foundation of the actual birth house was verified, filled in for protection, and delineated with crushed oyster shells. The Memorial House was built in 1931 to represent the type of upper class colonial home that the Washingtons would have lived in and is furnished with items consistent with that time period.

george washington birthplace national monument original house foundation

The foundation of George Washington's birth home is delineated with crushed oyster shells and covered for protection.

George Washington Birthplace National Monument features a staffed visitor center and gift shop. National Park Service Rangers conduct tours of the Memorial House, and there is a self-guided tour of the grounds including the Birthplace Site, Colonial Kitchen, Weaving Room, Colonial Garden and ancient Cedar Grove. A footbridge leads visitors to a picnic area and pavilion overlooking scenic Popes Creek. There is a 1-mile Nature Loop Trail with interpretive signs and a .75 mile Dancing Marsh Loop Trail that leads to a farm that is home to sheep, horses and other farm animals. The trails consist of dirt path through forest, are a little hilly in places and require water crossings over footbridges.

Pictured at the very top: The carriage side of the George Washington Birthplace National Monument Memorial House.

george washington birthplace national monument nature trail footbridge

A scenic footbridge crosses Pope's Creek on the Nature Loop Trail.

george washington birthplace national monument nature trail forest

The Nature Loop Trail follows a forest path with interpretive signs.

george washington birthplace national monument farm merlin the horse

The Dancing Marsh Loop Trail passes through a recreated Colonial Farm.