The Museum of Culpeper History preserves and interprets over four centuries of Culpeper history including Manahoac Indian Settlements, colonial life, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Reconstruction and the 20th Century, including Civil Rights. But that's not all - kids and kids-at-heart of all ages will enjoy the dinosaur exhibit describing the unique geology of Culpeper and the discovery of approximately 4,800 Triassic Period dinosaur footprints in the quarries around Culpeper.

The hands-on Triassic Gallery tells the story of the dinosaurs that roamed Culpeper 215 millions years ago and their recent discovery. In 1989, workers at a nearby quarry come across some mighty weird footprints in the stone. They turned out to be one of the largest concentrations of dinosaur tracks - 4,800 in all - ever discovered up to that time. Most of the tracks were made by peripatetic, carnivorous raptors called 'Anchisauripus Parallellus,' and a set of original footprints are on display in the exhibit.

The Manahoac Settlements Gallery tells the history of a Native American tribe in Culpeper that was documented by Captain John Smith in 1608 before English settlement of this area. Descendants of the Manahoacs still reside in Virginia, yet the tribe left the then-Virginia colony to follow the buffalo westward over the Blue Ridge. This exhibit includes tools, weapons, arrowheads and deer bone jewelry. A hands-on activity for kids includes grinding corn into meal using a mortar and pestle.

The Revolutionary War exhibit regales visitors with tales of the Culpeper Minute Men, and an Early American exhibit depicts farm life in the rolling hills east of the Blue Ridge. The Civil War exhibit features an interactive relief map of the numerous Civil War battles that raged around Culpeper, as well as stories and photos of the devastation of the War and Reconstruction.

The Museum of Culpeper History is open daily and is located in the historic depot in downtown Culpeper next to the visitors center close to shopping and dining along East Davis Streets. The museum features a gift shop and hosts special events.

Pictured at the top: Dinosaurs make history fun at the Museum of Culpeper History located in downtown Culpeper.

culpeper history museum minuteman

Culpeper Minutemen carried a flag depicting a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike and rallied to the motto, 'Don't Tread on Me!'

culpeper history museum blacksmith

Early American exhibits include a bellows and anvil from White's Blacksmith Shop.

culpeper history museum secession

The Museum of Culpeper History depicts the events leading up to and during the Civil War and Reconstruction.