Discovered in the late 19th century and opened to the public in 1977, Natural Bridge Caverns are the deepest caverns in the eastern United States, lying 347 feet beneath the Earth's surface. Yet, the caverns are home to diverse wildlife including salamanders and tiny hibernating brown cave bats. Formations include flowstone, draperies, pools, stalactites, and stalagmites. The most famous formations include Mirror Lake, the Canyon Room and the Colossal Dome. And, it seems Natural Bridge Caverns has a Civil War history of their own - legend has it that the caverns are haunted by a fallen Union soldier.

The 45-minute guided cavern tour descends 34 stories underground via a dirt trail that is wet and slippery in places. There are handrails to hold onto, but shoes with a good tread are advised. As the trail winds through the caverns, some of the passageways are narrow with low headroom. Natural Bridge Caverns features a gift shop and is adjacent to the Natural Bridge National Historic Landmark and the Natural Bridge Park and Hotel complex.

Pictured at the top: Natural Bridge Caverns is a colorful and otherworldly landscape of fascinating and often abstract shapes.

natural bridge caverns abstract formations natural bridge caverns abstract formations

A Civil War soldier is said to haunt the Caverns at Natural Bridge.

natural bridge caverns formations

Natural Bridge Caverns feature colorful and intricate formations.