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Virginia Stories

John Brown's Raid

With a Bible and a shouldered rifle John Brown held slave owners hostage while freeing their slaves during a raid and siege of the federal armory at Harpers Ferry. He rode on his own coffin to the gallows where he was hung by Col. Robert E. Lee.

Nat Turner's Insurrection

The Holy Spirit spoke to an enslaved preacher from Southampton County, Virginia named Nat Turner and showed him visions in the sky. One day the Spirit told him that it was now time when ‘the first should be the last and the last should be the first’ and he should slay his ‘own enemies with their own weapons.’

USCT Freedom Fighters

The USCT Freedom Fighters fought valiantly at The Crater and Petersburg Breakthrough and shattered the Confederate defenses around Richmond during the battles of Chaffins Farm and New Market Heights. They were among the first troops to enter Richmond after its fall as the Capital of the Confederacy.

Virginia's Rising Tides

Say something about Virginia's Rising Tides say some more.

Women Soldiers and Spies in Civil War Virginia

An estimated 400 women mustered alongside men, their gender completely undetected, and actively served in the Union and Confederate infantry, cavalry, and artillery during the Civil War.

10 Battlefield Hikes in Virginia That Everyone Should Try

Along these trails you’ll walk in history and see some of the prettiest countryside in Virginia. All trails are relatively short – between a quarter of a mile and three miles – and relatively easy with fairly level terrain and solid footing.